Steven Pagel Massage
Customized massages with passion to help heal

About The Practitioner

Steven Pagel, LMT, MMP

I have 750 hours of schooling with a diploma and nationally recognized as a Licensed Massage Therapist with Mblex and fully insured. License: #1679038640. 

* Certified Medical Massage Therapist with customized continued education of:

** Medical Massage Therapy and Residential Spa Therapy;

** Deep Tissue, Sports and Cupping;

** QiGong and Tai Chi;

** Prenatal, Reflexology, and Hot Stone;

** Acupressure and Myofascial Release; 

** Chair or table massages home and office.

* I work beside doctors, nurses, and lawyers to give the best pain management care possible for patients, clients and professional sports teams.

* I offer massages at my residential spa or travel to your location of choice; from your home, hospital, hotel stay, or event.

I customize my massage based on the customer needs through passion and education. I hear their needs and feel their pain while reducing their stress and anxiety within a session.

My passion is to help heal ones pain through massage, by reducing a visit to a surgery room or give back a persons ability to be pain free, is why I enjoy the work I do.